Choosing the right laptop for college

Laptops in college are one of the most valuable assets. They are not only used for completing case studies and assignments but are also used for several other uses, including playing games, watching movies, and web browsing, among other uses. Thus one needs to know precisely which laptop features to go for and which one to leave. Multiple laptops are available in the market, right from laptops at entry-level to high-end laptops suitable for gaming. With so many to choose from, a limited budget, and a lack of sufficient knowledge about computers, college students might find themselves not sure which laptop to go for. However, thanks to review sites such as UK ReviewsBird, students can find reviews of reputable sites where they can buy their laptops. Sites such as AWD IT can also prove handy. This article guides college students on the considerations they should make when buying a laptop for college use.

1. Decide the screen size that you prefer

Screen size is a vital consideration as it determines the general weight and size of the laptop. Majority of students carry their belongings with a backpack. Laptops with screen sizes bigger than 15.6 inches will typically not fit in a backpack or have problems fitting. On the other hand, laptops smaller than 13.3 inches might be too confined for comfort. Ensure that you choose the size that best suits you. Laptops above 4 to 6 pounds may be uncomfortable to carry around campus. In terms of portability and comfort, consider 13.3-inch laptops.

2. Think about the curriculum

As far as computing is concerned, diverse students have their unique needs. Depending on your degree program, an inexpensive laptop might suit you. A laptop that is adept at basics such as email, word processing, and web browsing. If this will suit your needs, you don’t need to go for a Windows-based system or a mac; you can consider a chrome book. On the other hand, some courses might require 3d modeling, graphic intensive stuff, video editing, and Cad drawings. Such students need to ensure that you get a laptop with plenty of Ram such as 16GB, a high-end processor such as an Intel Core i7, a discrete graphics card, and a speedy solid-state drive.


3. The laptops battery life

Just as the RAM and processor of a laptop are important, so is the battery life. Some colleges usually have limited sockets, which means you will always not be in a position to charge the laptop. That explains why choosing a laptop with adequate battery capacity is important. When buying your laptop, always look at its rated capacity to know its battery life length. The ratings are usually 3-cell,  6-cell, or 9-cell battery. Look out for this information on the website of the manufacturer.

4. Shop at the campus store

Majority of colleges have computer stores that also provide great discounts on student laptops. However, ensure that you have done enough research on the laptop features you want before getting to the stores to buy as they may have a limited selection. The benefit of purchasing from these stores is that they may offer a local tech support, which will help if the laptop have any technical issues during its use

5. Consider storage

If you are a movie lover, then your college laptop will need some space to store the movies; you may also want to install programs and save your classwork. For such users, then at least 500GB of space will suit their needs. However, if you don’t anticipate so much local storage and store most of your work online, then going for a laptop with less space will suit your needs. Whichever way you choose, you should keep in mind that storage affects the speed of the laptop. If you decide to select a hard drive because it is less expensive and offers more storage, this will be at the cost of speed. SSD is the best to go for in a college laptop. This is because, though they have a lower capacity and are a bit costly, they are fast and more resistant to drop damage

In conclusion, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the advancement of technology, online college degrees have been widely embraced. Owning a laptop for a college student is, therefore, not a luxury anymore but a necessity. With this article, college students need not worry as it has covered what to consider before buying a college laptop, thus ensuring that one makes an informed decision on the laptop to go for.